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It started with two questions:

  1. How can we get money in the hands of people who will actually do something cool?

  2. Can we build the ultimate “getting shit done” platform?

We live in cities with a lot going on and still a lot of work to do. Government programs are too slow and bureaucratic, the non-profit community seems burdened by an administrative fog, and equity financing isn’t always the right tool. However, you can look around and see stuff happening — buildings are being filled, business are starting, freelancers are making money and art is appearing in the strangest of places. But who is making this happen? Turns out, most communities have a strong and generally overlooked group of Doers. These people roll up their sleeves and push through until positive change happens (by the way, “positive change happens” is a politically correct way of saying “getting shit done”).

OverFundIt was launched to make more and more positive stuff happen — community by community, block by block, business by business, person by person. We created a platform designed to put as much money in the hands of Doers as possible. When you see a good thing, should you fund it or OverFundIt? We want to move people from being passive funders to engaged Community Catalysts.

We threw away the rewards, gifts and perks. Those things really don’t work in this model. Our audience has different motivations. Instead, the reward a person receives is the ability to live in a better community — the ability to help start/finish something cool. Believe us, it lasts longer than a t-shirt. OverFundIt is the ultimate grassroots getting shit done platform for Doers. Dreamers…not so much.

The platform is expanding community by community. If you want your area represented, sign-up and spread the word. If you don’t want money raised in your community to make it a better place, move along to something else.

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