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Fact: Doers are interested in screwing and doing it with the lights on.

The light bulb has been a metaphor for innovation for quite some time. People focus on and celebrate light bulb moments. Every good idea seems to result in a light bulb floating over one’s head just sitting there illuminating the…

The Secret of Being a Community Catalyst

The birds lifting the boy are very important players in the OverFundIt logo. Breaking it down, it might appear obvious that the boy is the Doer and the birds represent a community of catalysts. Another way to look at it…

Boldness & Determination

There are two tenets we hold near and dear to our collective hearts here at OverFundIt: We want to engage people who possess the boldness of a child and the focused determination of a person driven to make things better….


Irms, OverFundIt co-founder and all-around cool cat, started something November of last year — she wanted to give money to someone who would do something good with it. Now, don’t rush out and try to squeeze Irms for a few bucks, we…


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