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Setup Instructions for v2.41

Welcome to Launch Effect Premium v2.41! Launch Effect Premium lets you create and customize an entire website at the click of a few buttons. Version 2.41 includes some important stability fixes and speed improvements, tweaks to the theme’s responsive styling, and large improvements to the way the theme handles the generation of meta data for Facebook sharing, as well as the theme’s ability to play nice with popular SEO plugins. Be sure to check out the Launch Effect > Designer > Global Settings panel for more information. Take a look around to see what’s new and launch something today!

Setting up is easy, but there’s definitely a few steps that have to be done in order for things to work properly. Please follow the steps below and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Please feel free to contact us at our support forums if you have questions about setup or are experiencing any issues with the theme.

Setup Instructions

Step 1 — Set Homepage

Go to Settings > Reading.
By default, WordPress shows your most recent Posts (the blog) on the homepage of your site (like the one you’re reading right now). But many WordPress users want to be able to choose a different Page as their homepage.

If you’d like to keep your most recent Posts as your homepage, you don’t have to adjust anything in this step.

If not, where it says, “Front page displays,” choose “A static page,” and select accordingly for your “Front Page”. Be sure to select “Blog” for “Posts Page”. If you’d like the Launch Effect sign-up page to be your homepage, choose “Sign-Up” for “Front Page”. Go to the Pages item in the WordPress sidebar to create new pages, which you can also select to be your “Front Page”.

Step 2 — Create Nav Menu

Go to Appearance > Menus.
This is where your navigation menu is set up and controlled. In the large panel on the right, next to “Menu Name,” write a name for your menu (it can be anything) and press save. The page will refresh and you will see a new panel called “Theme Locations at the top left. Use the Launch Effect Navigation drop down menu to select the name of the menu you just created. Then press save. Now you can use the options at left to choose what pages and posts you’d like to appear in your nav menu.

Step 3 — Select Widgets

Go to Appearance > Widgets.
Launch Effect is compatible with the standard WordPress widgets, as you can see from the ones that appear by default on the left-hand side of your website. Here you can select which widgets to keep and which to remove, as well as customize content specific to each widget.

Step 4 — Start Designing!

Go to Launch Effect > Designer.
Now for the fun part! The Designer is now divided into three sections: Global Styles, Sign-Up Page, and Theme. That submenu is located directly under the giant Designer/Integrations/Stats tabs. The best way to get started here is to just start playing around and gaining an understanding of what selections affect which parts of the design. Good luck!

Fact: Doers are interested in screwing and doing it with the lights on.

The light bulb has been a metaphor for innovation for quite some time. People focus on and celebrate light bulb moments. Every good idea seems to result in a light bulb floating over one’s head just sitting there illuminating the person’s brilliance. The crazy thing is that the joke always seems to be on the screwing in side of the light bulb. But really, how useful is a light bulb if it’s not screwed in?

Doers don’t simply care about light bulbs. They aren’t driven by novel ideas. People can come up with ideas all the time. A Doer is interested in screwing. Some people reward the idea, but OverFundIt is being built to reward those who know how to get the idea to produce light.

Look around your community. How many light bulbs do you see? A lot, am I right? Mostly dim? People keep promising a better and brighter light bulb. In fact they spend a lot of time trying to sell us on the merit of their bulb. Doers take a different approach. Doers take their light bulb and then screw it in on their own. Then we (the community) get to bask in the resulting luminosity.

At OverFundIt we want to do two things. First, since Doers are so good at screwing, we want them to screw more and more. We want to support the best and brightest screwers in the land. Second, we want your help. When we launch later this week, we will be looking for Doers. We won’t be looking for the idea people; we will be looking for the implementation people.

Want your community to be a beacon of screwed in light bulbs? OverFundIt is the platform to make that happen. Let’s start screwing.

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Doers Done Did (Ep8) – Dan Martell’s secret to impacting 1B people? JFDI.

We’re back with another episode and this time we have memorized Dan Martell’s license plate. Want to know what it is? Wondering why you should even care? Well, if you are ever in San Francisco, you might spot this friendly Canadian around town. You want to know Dan. Besides being a Doer himself, Dan connects other Doers to experts from a variety of fields with his latest venture, Clarity. Dan is a serial entrepreneur, investor and fan moving from knowing to executing. Sounds like a Doer and a Community Catalyst to me.

Dan talks about the importance of having zero gap between knowing and doing, the power of friendship and support as a Doer, and the fact that Doers rely on fans and advocates who are often not Doers themselves.

If you have your own passion project that is all about making an impact, then OverFundIt is for you. Like, Follow, Share ad Sign-up because OverFundIt is about to JFDI.

Revitalization Based on People

20 slides, 20 seconds per slide. In 6:40, Travis outlines the similarities between Fresno, CA and St. Louis, MO. Both cities are in the midst of a transformation and people are behind it. People are more powerful than politics or programs. People drive the changes. We call these people Doers!

What say you? Are you a Doer? Do you know any Doers? What impact have you seen Doers make that political agendas and puny programs seemingly slow down?

Doers Done Did (Ep7) – Randy Vines & Grassroots, Flying Saucer & Starbucks

Some think the Vines brothers are inseparable, but I was able to steal Randy away for an interview while Jeff stayed busy doing. I am starting to think that there are two of them just so doing can occur twenty-four hours a day. It’s almost like a tag team situation with Randy and Jeff. For the past ten years these two brothers have found a way to spread their love for a city by causing people to walk around like STL billboards. Their shop on Cherokee, The Style House, is full of St. Louis love and cool design. However, being a Doer isn’t just about promoting a city. Randy talks about the way grassroots change can help maintain the city’s amazing architecture and mobilize the masses.

Doers are often like flying saucers. They fly under the radar going unnoticed, but they have deposited their cargo to live among us. You might be standing next to a Doer right now. Maybe you are the Doer and you have strong opinions of this strange planet full of non-doers. You just don’t relate to those who fail to do anything meaningful. Well, OverFundIt comes in peace.

We are about to colonize and we want you to feel at home. Using your fancy computational machine, like, follow, share and sign-up to stay engaged with OverFundIt.

Doers Done Did (Ep6) – Tara Pham, Grit & Enlightenment

City rally against it — brain drain. A group of transplants in St. Louis embrace it — Brain Drain. Tara Pham is a member of Brain Drain in St. Louis. The group is comprised of highly motivated and engaged people who are trying to do all that Doers can do to make their city better. Tara talks about CityPulse and sheds light on Brain Drain’s cool idea. The idea was cool enough that GOOD Ideas for Cities is helping it move forward.

Tara and the entire Brain Drain team are perfect examples of Doers. Tara mentioned that Doers will push forward if nobody embraces them. We want to fix that. We want people to embrace Doers.

You know a Doer? Give them a big ol’ hug. But if you want to really support Doers, like, share, follow and sign-up for OverFundIt.

What if Abbott & Costello ruled the world?

Ever notice people who talk in circles? It’s hard to follow, but they swear they are making progress. The expectation to get it is put on the listener instead of expecting the sender to simplify the message. This holds true for more than just simple communication. This seems indicative of community improvement. Even when we strip politics out of it, you can sit back and see the circles of nonsense start to take shape.

Who? What? I don’t know.

Watch the famous Who’s on first? clip below with a fresh perspective. Watch it through a lens of traditional funding and traditional revitalization efforts. Think of the business plan elevator pitch competitions you’ve attended. Think of the standard relationship between Dreamers and Funders – sound like something out of an Abbott and Costello routine.

Now consider how Doers are different. Doers seek simplification. Doers seek tangible results. Doers seek a deeper and aligned understanding. Imagine a community filled with Doers.

We want to hear some of your ideas. Soon we’ll start soliciting profiles from Doers. Until then, we’d love for you to give us a little taste in the comment section. What do you want to Do?

Try to use this formula:

With the money I will do x, which means the community [company] can do y, and you will be able to tell by z.

Abbott and Costello would say,
“Action’s on first, Impact’s on second, and Evidence is on third.”

Doers Done Did (Ep5) – Chris Reimer & Action, Results & Accountability

Chris is not our typical Doer. He is a Doer, just an atypical one. We interviewed him for a couple of reason: 1) He made a career pivot in the name of happiness, 2) He illustrates the fact that Doers should do what it is they were put on this earth to do. Trained as a left-brained accountant (holding down very grown-up CFO positions), Chris took a leap and started a right-brained t-shirt company…Rizzo Tees. He built the company almost solely on social media and ended up landing a sweet social media gig with a rock star agency…Falk Harrison.

Chris’ interview ends up being a conversation about the role of Doers and Community Catalysts, exploring the difference between Doers and Dreamers, and being honest about accountability to those who back a Doer.

Doers, the reason many of you rock is because you are able to do what you love. Problem: you often don’t get paid for it. Does that stop you? Nope. Community, take note…Doers are really good at stuff and you look around seeing stuff that needs to get done.

OverFundIt will help marry these things together. Just spread the word; we’re launching soon. Call to action alert: Like, Share, Follow and Sign-up.

Together we will make amazing things happen…and people will be happy.

Doers Done Did (Ep4) – Sabrina Famellos & Pockets of Joy, Plenty of Fight

There were no jobs available…she started a business…she hired people. Sabrina is a great example of the economic impact of Doers. She owns and operates, Anzula,  a luxury fibers company that started in her house a few years ago and now employs six people. More importantly, she continues to reinvest in her business and it’s paying off. Watch and listen to her story that involves the important of finding daily pockets of joy, shout outs to Blimprov and Kim & Greg, and the role fight has played in keeping her going.

Sabrina received a grant from OverFundIt co-founder, Irma, in November of 2011. That experience was partially what caused us to sit down and discuss building OverFundIt. Irma was going to give away $1,000 and people stepped up and threw in more money. Sabrina ultimately received $2,100. Her dream was over-funded and now her business is kicking serious ass.

When OverFundIt launches, you will hear more stories like this. Putting money in the hands of Doers can create jobs, impact lives and improve a community. As always, you are invited to like, share, sign-up and follow.

The Secret of Being a Community Catalyst

The birds lifting the boy are very important players in the OverFundIt logo. Breaking it down, it might appear obvious that the boy is the Doer and the birds represent a community of catalysts. Another way to look at it can be placing the Doers in the role of birds and the community is actually the boy. When a lot of Doers are free to fly, the community is lifted to new heights. That plays well, sells well, and is inspiring. But I want to focus on the first example in this post: Boy = Doers | Birds = Catalysts

While a Doer can hustle to make magic happen, the premise behind OverFundIt is to put resources in the hands of Doers and allow them to do more good stuff without the need of constant hustling. We all benefit in the community when Doers start getting stuff done. If the community is going to benefit and reap the rewards, then the community should play a role…they should be a community of catalysts.

At OverFundIt we are actually building a mechanism to fuel catalytic activity. Let me try to explain conditional funding. First, the Doer creates a DO (this is our name for a project, initiative, effort, getting sh!t done activity) and sets a budget. The budget is the financial goal needed to deliver results. We ask our Doers to be realistic and be ready for accountability. The Doer only gets access to the funds if the goal/budget is realized. It’s an all-or-nothing situation, but that isn’t the conditional funding mechanism.

This is…

When a person pledges blank dollars they can tag it as conditional and requiring a match to actually count. We believe that birds of a feather – never mind, that is too cliché. We believe that the person making the pledge has the power to be a Community Catalysts and can tap into their network to magnify the impact of their individual contribution. If it is good for the community, then let’s get the community behind it.


I pledge $40 to a specific DO and tag it as conditional. It will become a contribution if it is matched. I essentially have started a funding tree with nodes. Sure, one person can come in and match it. Boom…my $40 now has the power of $80. But, what if two people in my network want to contribute $30 and $10? The cool thing is that either (or both) of them can make their pledge conditional funding as well. If the $30 person makes it conditional and it is matched, my original $40 contribution now has an impact of $110 (my $40 + $10 + $30 + $30). Furthermore, the Doer gets four birds in their flock instead of just one.

That is how a community lifts a Doer. That is how you can become a Community Catalyst.

We will have a very visual way to illustrate all of this. We will have ways to increase the likelihood that conditional funding gets matched. Most importantly, we will create a system where that kid is lifted by an entire flock of birds.


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