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Doers Done Did (Ep2) – Sarah Spear & Purposeful Passion

Counterfeit drugs in India? Not gonna happen. Children exploited and sold into the sex slave industry? Raised money to combat that too. Sarah Spear is an interesting (in a good way) Doer. As a Doer she works full-time as the Executive Director…

Doers Done Did (Ep1) – Rob Walling & 80/20

Periodically we will introduce you to Doers who are, well, doing stuff. This time we bring you Rob Walling…the master of purposeful doing. Watch the interview and you will be surprised at what his favorite activity to do as a…

DoTube – Exploring What Doers Done Did

Update: “Doers Done Did” teaser video… We haven’t launched yet, but Doers are popping up everywhere. Actually, we’ve known about hardworking Doers for quite a while, but they are usually too busy doing to take time and tell their stories….

Want to Change Things? Change the Game.

The launch of OverFundIt comes at a perfect time. In an effort to match the brilliance of my fellow co-founders, I am taking a Gamification course through Coursera. Professor Kevin Werbach (@kwerb) is great and each session I find new…

Boldness & Determination

There are two tenets we hold near and dear to our collective hearts here at OverFundIt: We want to engage people who possess the boldness of a child and the focused determination of a person driven to make things better….


Irms, OverFundIt co-founder and all-around cool cat, started something November of last year — she wanted to give money to someone who would do something good with it. Now, don’t rush out and try to squeeze Irms for a few bucks, we…


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