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Fact: Doers are interested in screwing and doing it with the lights on. | OverFundIt


Fact: Doers are interested in screwing and doing it with the lights on.

The light bulb has been a metaphor for innovation for quite some time. People focus on and celebrate light bulb moments. Every good idea seems to result in a light bulb floating over one’s head just sitting there illuminating the person’s brilliance. The crazy thing is that the joke always seems to be on the screwing in side of the light bulb. But really, how useful is a light bulb if it’s not screwed in?

Doers don’t simply care about light bulbs. They aren’t driven by novel ideas. People can come up with ideas all the time. A Doer is interested in screwing. Some people reward the idea, but OverFundIt is being built to reward those who know how to get the idea to produce light.

Look around your community. How many light bulbs do you see? A lot, am I right? Mostly dim? People keep promising a better and brighter light bulb. In fact they spend a lot of time trying to sell us on the merit of their bulb. Doers take a different approach. Doers take their light bulb and then screw it in on their own. Then we (the community) get to bask in the resulting luminosity.

At OverFundIt we want to do two things. First, since Doers are so good at screwing, we want them to screw more and more. We want to support the best and brightest screwers in the land. Second, we want your help. When we launch later this week, we will be looking for Doers. We won’t be looking for the idea people; we will be looking for the implementation people.

Want your community to be a beacon of screwed in light bulbs? OverFundIt is the platform to make that happen. Let’s start screwing.

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