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What if Abbott & Costello ruled the world? | OverFundIt


What if Abbott & Costello ruled the world?

Ever notice people who talk in circles? It’s hard to follow, but they swear they are making progress. The expectation to get it is put on the listener instead of expecting the sender to simplify the message. This holds true for more than just simple communication. This seems indicative of community improvement. Even when we strip politics out of it, you can sit back and see the circles of nonsense start to take shape.

Who? What? I don’t know.

Watch the famous Who’s on first? clip below with a fresh perspective. Watch it through a lens of traditional funding and traditional revitalization efforts. Think of the business plan elevator pitch competitions you’ve attended. Think of the standard relationship between Dreamers and Funders – sound like something out of an Abbott and Costello routine.

Now consider how Doers are different. Doers seek simplification. Doers seek tangible results. Doers seek a deeper and aligned understanding. Imagine a community filled with Doers.

We want to hear some of your ideas. Soon we’ll start soliciting profiles from Doers. Until then, we’d love for you to give us a little taste in the comment section. What do you want to Do?

Try to use this formula:

With the money I will do x, which means the community [company] can do y, and you will be able to tell by z.

Abbott and Costello would say,
“Action’s on first, Impact’s on second, and Evidence is on third.”



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