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The Secret of Being a Community Catalyst | OverFundIt


The Secret of Being a Community Catalyst

The birds lifting the boy are very important players in the OverFundIt logo. Breaking it down, it might appear obvious that the boy is the Doer and the birds represent a community of catalysts. Another way to look at it can be placing the Doers in the role of birds and the community is actually the boy. When a lot of Doers are free to fly, the community is lifted to new heights. That plays well, sells well, and is inspiring. But I want to focus on the first example in this post: Boy = Doers | Birds = Catalysts

While a Doer can hustle to make magic happen, the premise behind OverFundIt is to put resources in the hands of Doers and allow them to do more good stuff without the need of constant hustling. We all benefit in the community when Doers start getting stuff done. If the community is going to benefit and reap the rewards, then the community should play a role…they should be a community of catalysts.

At OverFundIt we are actually building a mechanism to fuel catalytic activity. Let me try to explain conditional funding. First, the Doer creates a DO (this is our name for a project, initiative, effort, getting sh!t done activity) and sets a budget. The budget is the financial goal needed to deliver results. We ask our Doers to be realistic and be ready for accountability. The Doer only gets access to the funds if the goal/budget is realized. It’s an all-or-nothing situation, but that isn’t the conditional funding mechanism.

This is…

When a person pledges blank dollars they can tag it as conditional and requiring a match to actually count. We believe that birds of a feather – never mind, that is too cliché. We believe that the person making the pledge has the power to be a Community Catalysts and can tap into their network to magnify the impact of their individual contribution. If it is good for the community, then let’s get the community behind it.


I pledge $40 to a specific DO and tag it as conditional. It will become a contribution if it is matched. I essentially have started a funding tree with nodes. Sure, one person can come in and match it. Boom…my $40 now has the power of $80. But, what if two people in my network want to contribute $30 and $10? The cool thing is that either (or both) of them can make their pledge conditional funding as well. If the $30 person makes it conditional and it is matched, my original $40 contribution now has an impact of $110 (my $40 + $10 + $30 + $30). Furthermore, the Doer gets four birds in their flock instead of just one.

That is how a community lifts a Doer. That is how you can become a Community Catalyst.

We will have a very visual way to illustrate all of this. We will have ways to increase the likelihood that conditional funding gets matched. Most importantly, we will create a system where that kid is lifted by an entire flock of birds.


  1. This is a great idea! As a “Doer” myself, I know I could use a resource like this. All of my “Doer” friends could!


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