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Doers Done Did (Ep7) – Randy Vines & Grassroots, Flying Saucer & Starbucks | OverFundIt


Doers Done Did (Ep7) – Randy Vines & Grassroots, Flying Saucer & Starbucks

Some think the Vines brothers are inseparable, but I was able to steal Randy away for an interview while Jeff stayed busy doing. I am starting to think that there are two of them just so doing can occur twenty-four hours a day. It’s almost like a tag team situation with Randy and Jeff. For the past ten years these two brothers have found a way to spread their love for a city by causing people to walk around like STL billboards. Their shop on Cherokee, The Style House, is full of St. Louis love and cool design. However, being a Doer isn’t just about promoting a city. Randy talks about the way grassroots change can help maintain the city’s amazing architecture and mobilize the masses.

Doers are often like flying saucers. They fly under the radar going unnoticed, but they have deposited their cargo to live among us. You might be standing next to a Doer right now. Maybe you are the Doer and you have strong opinions of this strange planet full of non-doers. You just don’t relate to those who fail to do anything meaningful. Well, OverFundIt comes in peace.

We are about to colonize and we want you to feel at home. Using your fancy computational machine, like, follow, share and sign-up to stay engaged with OverFundIt.



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