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Doers Done Did (Ep5) – Chris Reimer & Action, Results & Accountability | OverFundIt


Doers Done Did (Ep5) – Chris Reimer & Action, Results & Accountability

Chris is not our typical Doer. He is a Doer, just an atypical one. We interviewed him for a couple of reason: 1) He made a career pivot in the name of happiness, 2) He illustrates the fact that Doers should do what it is they were put on this earth to do. Trained as a left-brained accountant (holding down very grown-up CFO positions), Chris took a leap and started a right-brained t-shirt company…Rizzo Tees. He built the company almost solely on social media and ended up landing a sweet social media gig with a rock star agency…Falk Harrison.

Chris’ interview ends up being a conversation about the role of Doers and Community Catalysts, exploring the difference between Doers and Dreamers, and being honest about accountability to those who back a Doer.

Doers, the reason many of you rock is because you are able to do what you love. Problem: you often don’t get paid for it. Does that stop you? Nope. Community, take note…Doers are really good at stuff and you look around seeing stuff that needs to get done.

OverFundIt will help marry these things together. Just spread the word; we’re launching soon. Call to action alert: Like, Share, Follow and Sign-up.

Together we will make amazing things happen…and people will be happy.



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