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Doers Done Did (Ep4) – Sabrina Famellos & Pockets of Joy, Plenty of Fight | OverFundIt


Doers Done Did (Ep4) – Sabrina Famellos & Pockets of Joy, Plenty of Fight

There were no jobs available…she started a business…she hired people. Sabrina is a great example of the economic impact of Doers. She owns and operates, Anzula,  a luxury fibers company that started in her house a few years ago and now employs six people. More importantly, she continues to reinvest in her business and it’s paying off. Watch and listen to her story that involves the important of finding daily pockets of joy, shout outs to Blimprov and Kim & Greg, and the role fight has played in keeping her going.

Sabrina received a grant from OverFundIt co-founder, Irma, in November of 2011. That experience was partially what caused us to sit down and discuss building OverFundIt. Irma was going to give away $1,000 and people stepped up and threw in more money. Sabrina ultimately received $2,100. Her dream was over-funded and now her business is kicking serious ass.

When OverFundIt launches, you will hear more stories like this. Putting money in the hands of Doers can create jobs, impact lives and improve a community. As always, you are invited to like, share, sign-up and follow.


  1. This is a great story, and I love hearing and seeing things like this happening for our community. As a small business owner myself, I realize the importance they are to the micro-economical context of any city trying to grow and positively sustain.

    • Matt, you are 100% right. Sabrina’s story is a prefect example of the impact a little money can have in the hands of the right Doer. Life isn’t about silver bullets, it’s about identifying and empowering a lot of kick ass people!

  2. What an awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing it.


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