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Doers Done Did (Ep3) – Nicole Hudson Hollway & Let Doers Do | OverFundIt


Doers Done Did (Ep3) – Nicole Hudson Hollway & Let Doers Do

When Forbes.com wrote the St. Louis Doesn’t Suck article, today’s guest saw an opportunity to do something. A self-described doer of many things, Nicole Hudson Hollway likes to bring other Doers into the mix. She sees a direct connection between being a Doer and being a Community Catalyst. She organized #stlftl (St. Louis For The Love) with some peeps and started highlighting people who chose to live in her city. The result is more than 100 profiles curated on the group’s Facebook page.

One of the things I really like about Nicole is her passion and focus. I think that is key for Doers all over. If you want to make a difference, know what skills you bring to the table and put them into practice whenever you can.

OverFundIt wants to help put money in the hands of Doers so communities can be turned around. Make sure you like, follow, sign-up and share. We’re launching soon and we want you involved.



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