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Boldness & Determination | OverFundIt


Boldness & Determination

There are two tenets we hold near and dear to our collective hearts here at OverFundIt: We want to engage people who possess the boldness of a child and the focused determination of a person driven to make things better.

As the site develops and people start participating as Doers and Community Catalysts, you will see more evidence of boldness and determination; however, we aren’t going to let a few hundred lines of code stand in the way of setting that tone immediately.

Our Logo

The kid being lifted to new heights by a flock of birds represents the collective boldness of the OverFundIt community. Think about the imagination of kids. It’s not as much about fantasy as it is about possibility. Kids unapologetically reach for new heights and it’s generally adults who try and squash that boldness. We want to bring it back.

Our Language

We describe OverFundIt as the ultimate grassroots getting shit done platform. Have you ever tried to stand in the way of a Doer? Have you ever tried to stand in the way of a Community Catalyst? Don’t. Focused determination is awesome. We want people to connect. Not every Doer will resonate with each Community Catalyst, but we know that people like to see things get done. It’s that little less talk and a lot more action mindset.

We do not apologize or think our brand is in conflict. We like to join the two constructs. It’s the same reason Irma wears t-shirts with Nintendo characters on them, the reason why I collect Pez and bourbon, and the reason why Chris can work 24/7 on a project and easily blends the lines between work and play.

OverFundIt is about being disruptive. Care to disrupt the world with us?



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