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Irms, OverFundIt co-founder and all-around cool cat, started something November of last year — she wanted to give money to someone who would do something good with it. Now, don’t rush out and try to squeeze Irms for a few bucks, we have a better plan. Two different times she posted on her personal blog and via social media that she had $1,000 to put in someone else’s hands. Cool, right? Look what happened…

People submitted applications – we call these people Doers
People added to the pot-o-cash – we call these people Community Catalysts

The first Doer ended up getting $2,100 and the second Doer scored $2,325. Both were able to move their ideas forward. That got us thinking about doing this more often…maybe even creating a platform. That brings us to today and OverFundIt.com. After a quick brainstorming session about the purpose of such a platform, we realized that it wasn’t as much about crowdfunding as it was about getting shit done. Plain and simple. There are Doers in each community that have the skills to make cool stuff happen. You don’t hear about them, but you enjoy the fruits of their labor. Sometimes, they just do stuff because they want the benefit of an improved community. We love that kind of selfishness. They work hard and the whole community wins.

Well, we want to push the idea of #dollars4doers forward and OverFundIt is our tool. We are building it for Doers and Community Catalysts. Doers, you will be able to publicize the stuff you want to get done. Community Catalysts, you be able to help fund the change you want to see in your community. Don’t give us the old, “I already pay taxes” excuse. How’s that working out for you? Put money in the hands of people who know how to spend it wisely. If they do enough cool stuff, you’ll probably end up electing them one of these day…and we’ll have a curated record of their accomplishments.

Irms used a pretty simple formula when she was evaluating submissions by Doers:

The money will do x, which means the company [community] can do y, and you will be able to tell by z.

Use the #dollars4doers hashtag and help spread the word. We are launching OverFundIt community-by-community with the first community going live in about 45-days.

What do you want to do?



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